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In the Health sector, innovation is a necessity to grow and advance. Links of innovation with healthcare are clear: it is an essential part of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, adequate follow-up and also rehabilitation of patients.

Innovation facilitates, among other factors, to incorporate technology into the design of medical devices; follow-up of treatment even remotely, generate and prescribe increasingly effective medications with fewer side effects and achieve greater administrative simplification while reducing costs in health institutions.

A company that does not encourage research and innovation to improve their production processes, the quality of their products, and that in turn makes them more competitive, is a company doomed to failure. Hence the importance of making this relationship a reality: "innovation-health-productivity"

The 4th Innovation Forum in In Vitro Diagnostics emerges as a continuation and good results from the 3rd Innovation Forum held on October 25, 2016 in Barcelona, at Foment del Treball, Barcelona.

We have established a meeting point between private investors, companies and entrepreneurs in order to mobilize and attract "smart financing": to help entrepreneurs, entities, companies and projects to obtain industrial and economic partners that can provide experience and capital, but that also coaching the entrepreneurs by contributing other highly valued aspects such as sector knowledge and experience.

The entities selected to present the projects will not have to satisfy any type of duty or fee, nor for the presentation, nor for the success, in its case, in attracting new industrial and / or capital partners.


The 4th Innovation Forum in In Vitro Diagnostics is promoted by both industrial and venture capital entities, allowing in the same space to gather the key agents in the process.

The promoters of the Forum not only provide funding, but also their technological, scientific, management and commercial knowledge and expertise which are of great value in the assessment and orientation of the projects that are presented, allowing entrepreneurs to obtain access to information very valuable, always respecting the confidentiality.

Throughout the last years we have detected a wide interest from both entrepreneurs and researchers in In Vitro Diagnostics. Taking the step of transforming an idea into a product and then marketing to a company is not an easy task.

Entrepreneurs with ideas and solutions are the driving force of this Forum, the object that makes everything move around them. The purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with resources and knowledge to move from ideas and projects to business solutions.

The 4th Innovation Forum in In Vitro Diagnostics has been organized around the projects and their future needs, bringing together in the same space projects with needs and people with resources, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration.

From the Technical Secretariat of the Forum, will provide the necessary skills and tools so they trust each other.


  1. Register your project: Download and fill in the following form (It is necessary to have Adobe Reader) along with the bases of the forum following all the instructions and send them to the e-mail address
    The deadline for submission of proposals is September 25, 2018.
    You can send us as a preview a summary 'One page'

  2. Project evaluation: A committee of experts will evaluate all the information and give feedback. The sooner you present your project, the more chances and time you will have to improve your proposal in order to enter the group of projects that will access the presentation pitch.
    This committee will assess, among other points:

    1. Business model. Product, Market, growth, competitors, payers, etc.
    2. Competitive advantage. Price, patents, licenses, experience ...
    3. Staff, human team. Competencies and experience.
    4. Financial information. Capital structure, sales evolution, scenarios, need for capital, when and for what ...

  3. Presentation of the project: If your project has been selected to the pitch, you could present it October the 3rd in front of the attendees and the promoting and collaborating entities. The selected projects will have 15 minutes in total for their presentation. From the organization we recommend a 10-minute focus presentation and leave another 5 minutes for questions from potential partners. After each presentation, a contact request form is distributed in which the promoter members who are interested in an initiative formalize their interest. Finally, once all the presentations have been completed, the forum's members will discuss the different projects presented.

  4. Due Diligence: After the forum, the entrepreneurs will enter the due diligence phase with the interested promoters members.

Do you just want to attend?
If you do not want to present a project, but would like to attend the IV Forum of Innovation in In Vitro Diagnostics you can reserve your place through the following form.